Longji Rehabilitation Hospital

2016/8/10 viewers
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   A non-profit facility, Nanshang Longji Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the medical and health projects of the group.  The construction area is 15,000 square meters, first phase  150 beds, 7 clinical specialists, 11 professional and 5 medical departments, characterized in orthopedic recovery (joint), pain treatment, burns rehabilitation with plastic surgery.

   The medical team is made up of domestic and foreign reputable experts. The Hospital is built for the purpose of community service for senior citizens, with the new medical model (functional medicine, sports medicine) as the leading, outstanding characteristics of this specialized hospital.

     As of June 2016, the hospital core expert team has been formed and staff recruitment completed. Health care staff in training and doing preparation work currently. The hospital plans to open in December, 2016.



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