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Company Introduction

       Nanshang was established and funded in October 2013 by 33 well-known local private enterprises and  entrepreneurs. This achieved the purposes of resource sharing, complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation. Nanshang is the largest private enterprise group in the district based on registered capital.

      Nanshang Investment Group was established by 33 Nanchuan District important private enterprises and entrepreneurs whose businesses cover a multitude of industries.  Total assets of these shareholders combined around RMB 10 billion. These shareholders share the same goal and work together for a more prosperous future. Ready to launch the new journey, they are committed to providing their financial resources and capabilities to reach the goal.

     The group exercises both strategic control and financial control. Strategic positioning is to develop and expand the international market. Growth relies on innovation industry with robot high  tech as its primary focus, while medical and health industry (including retirement property) plus  financial investment as  the auxiliary industry ( referred to as "1 + 2" development strategy).